regexReplace() public method

Replaces all occurrences of $pattern in $str by $replacement. An alias for mb_ereg_replace(). Note that the 'i' option with multibyte patterns in mb_ereg_replace() requires PHP 5.6+ for correct results. This is due to a lack of support in the bundled version of Oniguruma in PHP < 5.6, and current versions of HHVM (3.8 and below).
public regexReplace ( string $pattern, string $replacement, string $options = 'msr' ) : Stringy
$pattern string The regular expression pattern
$replacement string The string to replace with
$options string Matching conditions to be used
return Stringy Object with the resulting $str after the replacements
  * Guesses possible raw data keys from a constructor parameter name.
  * @param \ReflectionParameter $parameter The parameter to guess keys for
  * @return array
 private function getPossibleParameterKeys(\ReflectionParameter $parameter)
     $parameterString = new Stringy($parameter->getName());
     return array((string) $parameterString->underscored(), (string) $parameterString->regexReplace('([a-z]+)([0-9]+)', '\\1_\\2'), $parameter->getName());