case "paperrejection":
        $letterTitle = "Paper Rejection";
//Fetch letter information
$letterInfo = get_LetterInfo_By_Title($letterTitle);
//Read the session variable if there is
if (isset($_SESSION["arrLetterInfo"])) {
    $arrLetterInfo =& $_SESSION["arrLetterInfo"];
//Get the user email to include at Cc field
$useremail = getMemberEmail($valid_user);
//Make the URL for email list
$parameterList = "letterID=" . $letterInfo->LetterID . "&recipientGroupName=" . $letterInfo->RecipientGroupName;
$url = "<a href=\"#\" onClick=\"" . make_Popup_Window("mailing_list_by_papers.php", $parameterList, 600, 1000, "yes") . "\">edit email list</a>&nbsp;|&nbsp; <a href=\"#\" onClick=\"" . make_Popup_Window("view_emails_list_by_papers.php", $parameterList, 600, 900, "yes") . "\">view email list</a>";
<form name="form1" method="post" action="confirm_send_paper_info.php">
  <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2">
      <td colspan="2">Use the constants values mentioned below whenever you wish 
        to include Dynamic information. The constants will be substituted with 
        dynamic values when the letter is emailed. These constants are case-sensitive.</td>
      <td colspan="2">&nbsp;</td>
      <td width="20%"><strong>Recipient Group:</strong></td>
      <td width="80%"><?php 
        $_SESSION["arrUpdateEmails"] = $arrUpdateEmails;
//The user has not selected any email address to send
if (count($arrUpdateEmails) == 0) {
    echo "<p>No emails has been selected to send the letter. <br>Specify at least one email address.<br><br>";
    echo "<form name=\"form1\" method=\"post\" action=\"process_send_paper_info.php\">";
    echo "<input name=\"Submit\" type=\"submit\" id=\"Submit\" value=\"Back\"> ";
    echo "</form>";
//Make the parameter list for popup window
$parameterList = "letterID=" . $letterInfo->LetterID . "&recipientGroupName=" . $letterInfo->RecipientGroupName . "&edit=false";
$strPopupURL = "<a href=\"#\" onClick=\"" . make_Popup_Window("view_emails_list_by_papers.php", $parameterList, 600, 1000, "yes") . "\">preview formatted letters</a>";
//Retrieve the setting information
$settingInfo = get_Conference_Settings();
$conferenceInfo = get_conference_info();
//Format the subject of the letter
$strSubject = format_Letter_Subject(stripslashes($_POST["subject"]));
//Format the content string and Store the content into the session
$strContent = stripslashes(wordwrap($_POST["bodycontent"])) . "\n\n";
$strContent .= $settingInfo->EmailSignature . "\n\n";
//Get the constant of the letter and highlight the constants
$arrConstants = evaluate_Letter_Constants($_POST["lettertype"]);
//Get the session array
if (isset($_SESSION["arrUpdateEmails"])) {
    $arrUpdateEmails = $_SESSION["arrUpdateEmails"];
} else {
    $arrUpdateEmails = get_Unsended_EmailList($letterInfo->LetterID, $letterInfo->RecipientGroupName);