* Test ConfigLoader basic functions
 public function testConfigBasic()
     $config = ConfigLoader::getInstance();
     //Try physical structure of the class
     try {
         $this->assertNotNull($config, 'ConfigLoader is null');
         $this->assertInstanceOf('\\CloudFramework\\Patterns\\Singleton', $config, 'ConfigLoader isn\'t an instance of Singleton');
         $this->assertInstanceOf('\\CloudFramework\\Tool\\ConfigLoader', $config, 'ConfigLoader must be an instante of ConfigLoader');
     } catch (\Exception $e) {
         $this->fail('ConfigLoader instatiator fails because: ' . $e->getMessage());
     //Try to set a config var
     $testVar1 = time();
     $config->setConf('test', $testVar1);
     $this->assertNotNull($config->getConf('test'), 'Variable \'test\' is null');
     $this->assertEquals($testVar1, $config->getConf('test'), 'Test variable into ConfigLoader isn\'t the same as initial Test variable');
     //Try to set the same variable with different values
     $testVar2 = 'newValue';
     $config->setConf('test', $testVar2);
     $this->assertNotNull($config->getConf('test'), 'Variable \'test\' is null');
     $this->assertNotEquals($testVar1, $config->getConf('test'), 'Test variable didn\'t change from initial test value');
     $this->assertEquals($testVar2, $config->getConf('test'), 'Test variable is different than expected');
 public function run()
     echo "Hello " . RequestParser::getQueryParam('name') . '<br>' . $this . "<pre>";
     $this->config->setConf('a', 'b');
     echo $this->config->getConf('a') . ' ' . ConfigLoader::getConfParam('a');