* Static Helper Method to Create using PK arguments
  * You must pass in the PK arguments on an object to load, or leave it blank to create a new one.
  * If you want to load via QueryString or PathInfo, use the CreateFromQueryString or CreateFromPathInfo
  * static helper methods.  Finally, specify a CreateType to define whether or not we are only allowed to 
  * edit, or if we are also allowed to create a new one, etc.
  * @param mixed $objParentObject QForm or QPanel which will be using this RegistryMetaControl
  * @param integer $intId primary key value
  * @param QMetaControlCreateType $intCreateType rules governing Registry object creation - defaults to CreateOrEdit
  * @return RegistryMetaControl
 public static function Create($objParentObject, $intId = null, $intCreateType = QMetaControlCreateType::CreateOrEdit)
     // Attempt to Load from PK Arguments
     if (strlen($intId)) {
         $objRegistry = Registry::Load($intId);
         // Registry was found -- return it!
         if ($objRegistry) {
             return new RegistryMetaControl($objParentObject, $objRegistry);
         } else {
             if ($intCreateType != QMetaControlCreateType::CreateOnRecordNotFound) {
                 throw new QCallerException('Could not find a Registry object with PK arguments: ' . $intId);
         // If EditOnly is specified, throw an exception
     } else {
         if ($intCreateType == QMetaControlCreateType::EditOnly) {
             throw new QCallerException('No PK arguments specified');
     // If we are here, then we need to create a new record
     return new RegistryMetaControl($objParentObject, new Registry());
  * Reload this Registry from the database.
  * @return void
 public function Reload()
     // Make sure we are actually Restored from the database
     if (!$this->__blnRestored) {
         throw new QCallerException('Cannot call Reload() on a new, unsaved Registry object.');
     // Reload the Object
     $objReloaded = Registry::Load($this->intId);
     // Update $this's local variables to match
     $this->strName = $objReloaded->strName;
     $this->strValue = $objReloaded->strValue;