* Gets the historical journal for an object from the log database.
  * Objects will have VirtualAttributes available to lookup login, date, and action information from the journal object.
  * @param integer intId
  * @return Registry[]
 public static function GetJournalForId($intId)
     $objDatabase = Registry::GetDatabase()->JournalingDatabase;
     $objResult = $objDatabase->Query('SELECT * FROM registry WHERE id = ' . $objDatabase->SqlVariable($intId) . ' ORDER BY __sys_date');
     return Registry::InstantiateDbResult($objResult);
  * Static Qcodo Query method to query for an array of Registry objects.
  * Uses BuildQueryStatment to perform most of the work.
  * @param QQCondition $objConditions any conditions on the query, itself
  * @param QQClause[] $objOptionalClausees additional optional QQClause objects for this query
  * @param mixed[] $mixParameterArray a array of name-value pairs to perform PrepareStatement with
  * @return Registry[] the queried objects as an array
 public static function QueryArray(QQCondition $objConditions, $objOptionalClauses = null, $mixParameterArray = null)
     // Get the Query Statement
     try {
         $strQuery = Registry::BuildQueryStatement($objQueryBuilder, $objConditions, $objOptionalClauses, $mixParameterArray, false);
     } catch (QCallerException $objExc) {
         throw $objExc;
     // Perform the Query and Instantiate the Array Result
     $objDbResult = $objQueryBuilder->Database->Query($strQuery);
     return Registry::InstantiateDbResult($objDbResult, $objQueryBuilder->ExpandAsArrayNodes, $objQueryBuilder->ColumnAliasArray);