Example #1
<b>Some good starting points:</b>
<li> <a href="eventreport.php"> See a list of recent events </a> </li>
<li> <a href="decksearch.php"> Search for decks with a certain card </a> </li>
<b>Random statistics about Gatherling:</b>
<li> There are <?php 
echo Deck::uniqueCount();
 unique decks. </li>
<li> We have recorded <?php 
echo Match::count();
 matches from <?php 
echo Event::count();
<li> There are <?php 
echo Player::activeCount();
 active players in gatherling. (<?php 
echo Player::verifiedCount();
 verified) </li>
<div class="grid_5 omega">
$player = Player::getSessionPlayer();
if ($player != NULL) {
Example #2
 static function countEvents($type, $teamId, $stationId)
     $o = new Event();
     return $o->count("type=? and stationId=? and teamId=?", array($type, $teamId, $stationId));