Example #1
function displayAddTags($pid)
    $tags = getAvailableTagsForPuzzle($pid);
    makeOptionElements($tags, 'addTag');
Example #2
function newIdeaForm($uid, $summary = '', $description = '')
    <h2>Puzzle Idea Submission</h2>

    <p>So that we can later publish the hunt as a book or as a
    website, we need to obtain rights to all puzzles that the team
    writes.  When so released, they will probably be licensed under
    a copyleft license. Authors will generally retain creative
    control over their puzzles.</p>

    <p>By submitting any puzzle-related content to Puzzletron (the
    “Content”), you agree to grant Adam Rosenfield and Iolanthe
    Chronis the perpetual right to publish, modify, adapt,
    or relicense the Content in any form.</p>

    <form method="post" action="submit-new.php">
        <p> Puzzle Title (NO SPOILERS):</p>
        <input type='text' name='title' maxlength='255' class="longin" />
        <p style='padding-top:1em;'>Puzzle Summary:

        <p>The summary should be a non-spoilery
        description of the puzzle in a few words. We
        suggest a description of what the solver will
        see upon first opening the puzzle or a few
        general keywords describing the puzzle
        type. Examples:</p>
        from the Past</a>: "DNA sequences"</li>

        Us Maybe</a>: "Profiles of team members"</li>


        <p>If you're not quite sure what your puzzle
        will look like, giving general keywords is
        also okay. Possible examples: "square dancing
        puzzle", "NPL flats", "puzzle where you wander
        around MIT"</p>

        <p>It will <strong>occasionally</strong> be
        appropriate to put spoilers in this field, if
        your puzzle is about something significantly
        different than it first appears. Possible

        Came Across a Japanese Rose Garden</a>: A
        summary like "Drawings cluing nail polish
        colors" could be appropriate although this is
        a minor spoiler.
        Dances</a>: "Videos of the author performing
        dances from World of Warcraft" would be

        <p>If you're uncertain, <strong>err on the
        side of leaving spoilers out of the

        <input type="text" name="summary" maxlength="255" class="longin" value="<?php 
    echo $summary;
" />
        <p style='padding-top:1em;'>Puzzle description:</p>

        <p>Please put as much detail about how your
        puzzle works as you have. Often examples of
        how puzzle mechanisms would work is
        helpful. You can use basic HTML in this
        field. Spoilers are fine.</p>

        <textarea style="width:50em; height: 25em;" name="description"><?php 
    echo $description;
        <p style='padding-top:1em;'>Select coauthors:</p>
    $authors = getAvailableAuthorsForPuzzle(FALSE);
    if ($authors != NULL) {
        makeOptionElements($authors, 'coauthor');
        <p style='padding-top:1em;'>
        <input type="submit" name="newIdea" value="Submit Idea" class="okSubmit" />