* Gets all or a subset of relationships associated with an independent object.
  * @param string $repositoryId The identifier for the repository.
  * @param string $objectId The identifier of the object.
  * @param boolean $includeSubRelationshipTypes If <code>true</code>, then the repository MUST return all
  *      relationships whose object-types are descendant-types of the object-type specified by the typeId parameter
  *      value as well as relationships of the specified type.
  *      If <code>false</code>, then the repository MUST only return relationships whose object-types
  *      is equivalent to the object-type specified by the typeId parameter value.
  *      If the typeId input is not specified, then this input MUST be ignored.
  * @param RelationshipDirection|null $relationshipDirection Specifying whether the repository MUST return
  *      relationships where the specified object is the source of the relationship, the target of the relationship,
  *      or both. (default is source)
  * @param string|null $typeId If specified, then the repository MUST return only relationships whose object-type is
  *      of the type specified. See also parameter includeSubRelationshipTypes.
  *      If not specified, then the repository MUST return relationship objects of all types.
  * @param string|null $filter a comma-separated list of query names that defines which properties
  *      must be returned by the repository (default is repository specific)
  * @param boolean $includeAllowableActions Whether or not to include in response, the list of allowable actions
  * @param integer|null $maxItems the maximum number of items to return in a response
  *      (default is repository specific)
  * @param integer $skipCount number of potential results that the repository MUST skip/page over before
  *      returning any results (default is 0)
  * @param ExtensionDataInterface|null $extension
  * @return ObjectListInterface
 public function getObjectRelationships($repositoryId, $objectId, $includeSubRelationshipTypes = false, RelationshipDirection $relationshipDirection = null, $typeId = null, $filter = null, $includeAllowableActions = false, $maxItems = null, $skipCount = 0, ExtensionDataInterface $extension = null)
     $url = $this->getObjectUrl($repositoryId, $objectId, Constants::SELECTOR_RELATIONSHIPS);
     $query = $url->getQuery();
     if ($relationshipDirection === null) {
         $relationshipDirection = RelationshipDirection::cast(RelationshipDirection::SOURCE);
     $query->modify(array(Constants::PARAM_TYPE_ID => $typeId, Constants::PARAM_RELATIONSHIP_DIRECTION => (string) $relationshipDirection, Constants::PARAM_SUB_RELATIONSHIP_TYPES => $includeSubRelationshipTypes ? 'true' : 'false', Constants::PARAM_ALLOWABLE_ACTIONS => $includeAllowableActions ? 'true' : 'false', Constants::PARAM_SUCCINCT => $this->getSuccinct() ? 'true' : 'false', Constants::PARAM_SKIP_COUNT => $skipCount, Constants::PARAM_DATETIME_FORMAT => (string) $this->getDateTimeFormat()));
     if ($filter !== null) {
         $query->modify(array(Constants::PARAM_FILTER => $filter));
     if ($maxItems !== null) {
         $query->modify(array(Constants::PARAM_MAX_ITEMS => $maxItems));
     $responseData = $this->read($url)->json();
     return $this->getJsonConverter()->convertObjectList($responseData);
Пример #2
 public function testGetRelationships()
     $bindingsMock = $this->getBindingsHelperMock();
     $session = new Session(array(SessionParameter::REPOSITORY_ID => 'foo'), null, null, null, null, $bindingsMock);
     $repositoryInfo = $this->getMockBuilder('\\Dkd\\PhpCmis\\DataObjects\\RepositoryInfo')->setMethods(array('getId'))->getMock();
     $objectType = $this->getMockBuilder('\\Dkd\\PhpCmis\\Data\\ObjectTypeInterface')->setMethods(array('getId', '__toString'))->disableOriginalConstructor()->getMockForAbstractClass();
     $property = new \ReflectionProperty($session, 'repositoryInfo');
     $property->setValue($session, $repositoryInfo);
     $session->getRelationships(new PhpCmis\DataObjects\ObjectId('foobar-object-id'), true, PhpCmis\Enum\RelationshipDirection::cast(PhpCmis\Enum\RelationshipDirection::TARGET), $objectType);