Most Popular PHP Libraries

Yii is a high-performance modern PHP framework best for developing both web applications and APIs.

Yii helps Web developers build complex applications and deliver them on-time.

Yii is a free, open-source Web application development framework written in PHP5 that promotes clean, DRY design and encourages rapid development. It works to streamline your application development and helps to ensure an extremely efficient, extensible, and maintainable end product.

Being extremely performance optimized, Yii is a perfect choice for any sized project. However, it has been built with sophisticated, enterprise applications in mind. You have full control over the configuration from head-to-toe (presentation-to-persistence) to conform to your enterprise development guidelines. It comes packaged with tools to help test and debug your application, and has clear and comprehensive documentation.

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reCAPTCHA is a free CAPTCHA service that protect websites from spam and abuse. This is Google authored code that provides plugins for third-party integration with reCAPTCHA.


Library for doing all kinds of string manipulations. It offers a ton of different methods for modifying text (reverse(), htmlEncode(), toAscii() etc.) or gather information about a string (isAlphanumeric(), getEncoding(), among others). A cool thing about Stringy is that it also works with special symbols like Greek or Nordic letters;

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No PHP library collection is complete without PHPMailer. This project is backed by a huge community and is implemented in popular systems such as WordPress and Drupal, making it the safest choice for sending emails in PHP. It has SMTP support, can do HTML-based emails, and much more.

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Ratchet is a loosely coupled PHP library providing developers with tools to create real time, bi-directional applications between clients and servers over WebSockets. This is not your Grandfather's Internet.

On the client end they're already natively in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari* (including mobile Safari)*. On the Internet Explorer front they're available in IE10 as a plugin, while it's still considered a prototype. In addition, any browser that does not support WebSockets can use a Flash polyfill.

However, server technology hasn't been as quick to the show as the browser developers. That's where Ratchet comes in. Ratchet components can make up a full stack server. You build a stack of Ratchet I/O Server Component, Ratchet WebSocket protocol interpreter, and your business logic application together to support WebSockets on the server side of things.

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