<input type="text" name="Summary" class="w100" value="<?php 
    echo $story_Row['Summary'];

    if ($Num_Children == 0) {
        echo print_Story_Size_Radio($story_Row['Size'], $Project['Project_Size_ID']);
        echo '</td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td><td>';
        echo iterations_Dropdown($story_Row['Project_ID'], $story_Row['Iteration_ID']);
        echo '&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;';
        echo print_Story_Status_Dropdown($story_Row['Status']);
    } else {
        echo $story_Row['Size'] . ' points &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;';
        echo '</td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td><td>';
        echo 'No Iteration';
        echo '&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;';
        echo 'N/A';
        echo '	<input type="hidden" name="Iteration_ID" value="' . $story_Row['Iteration_ID'] . '">';
        echo '	<input type="hidden" name=""Status"" value="">';
    echo '&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;';
    echo print_Story_Type_Dropdown($story_Row['Type']) . '&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;';
    echo Show_Project_Users($_REQUEST['PID'], $story_Row['Owner_ID'], "Owner_ID");
    echo '&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;';
echo '&nbsp;&nbsp;<img id="1line" src="images/1line.png" title="One line story display"> <img id="2line" src="images/2line.png" title="Two line story display"> <img id="3line" src="images/3line.png" title="Three line story display">';
echo '</div><br>';
echo '<div class="right-box evenlarger">';
echo 'Current Velocity: ' . $Project['Velocity'] . '&nbsp;';
echo '</div>';
$Toggle = 0;
$Sizecount = 0;
$OSizecount = 0;
$Iterationcount = 1;
$OIterationcount = 1;
echo '<br><table width=100% border=1><tr><td width=48%>';
echo '<form id="SetIteration" method="post" action="?">';
echo 'Select Iteration: ' . iterations_Dropdown($_REQUEST['PID'], $_REQUEST['LEFTIID'], "LIID");
echo '<div id="leftsize" class="evenlarger right-box"></div>';
echo '</td><td width=48%>';
echo 'Select Iteration: ' . iterations_Dropdown($_REQUEST['PID'], $_REQUEST['RIGHTIID'], "RIID");
echo '	<input type="hidden" name="PID" value="' . $_REQUEST['PID'] . '">';
echo '<div id="rightsize" class="evenlarger right-box"></div>';
echo '</form>';
echo '</td></tr>';
echo '<tr valign="top"><td>';
//  display on the left then list the stories
echo '<div class="LIID mh15">';
// this is populated by js onchange
echo '</div>';
echo '</td><td>';
//  display on the right then list the stories
echo '<div class="RIID mh15" id=' . $_POST['RIID'] . '>';
// this is populated by js onchange
echo '</div>';
echo '</td></table>';