Example #1
 public function main()
     $db = new Database();
     // подключаем класс работы с базой
     $fetchAll = $db->selectAll('contacts');
     $display = new Display();
     // подключаем класс отвечающий за структуру вывода на экран
     $display->view($fetchAll, 'contacts', null);
Example #2

include 'includes/core/Database.php';
ini_set('display_errors', 'On');
$db = new Database();
//$db->delete("pages", 4);
//$db->update("pages", 3, "Updated Post", "The first post i updated", "This is my first updated post through php", "updated-post");
//$db->insert("pages", "PHP Post", "My first post from PHP", "This is the first post which was sent through php", "php-post");
$postArray = $db->selectAll("pages");

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