// Let the plugin handle custom fields:
            // We use call_method to keep track of this call, although calling the plugins PluginSettingsUpdateAction method directly _might_ work, too.
            $ok_to_update = $Plugins->call_method($loop_Plugin->ID, 'PluginSettingsUpdateAction', $tmp_params = array());
            if ($ok_to_update === false) {
                // Rollback settings: the plugin has said they should not get updated.
            } else {
                // Update message settings of the Plugin
        $Messages->add(T_('Settings were updated.'), 'success');
// Init JS to autcomplete the user logins
init_autocomplete_login_js('rsc_url', $AdminUI->get_template('autocomplete_plugin'));
// fp> I'm playing with the idea of keeping the current blog in the path here...
$AdminUI->breadcrumbpath_add(T_('Messages'), '?ctrl=threads');
$AdminUI->breadcrumbpath_add(T_('Settings'), '?ctrl=msgsettings');
// Set an url for manual page:
// Display <html><head>...</head> section! (Note: should be done early if actions do not redirect)
// Display title, menu, messages, etc. (Note: messages MUST be displayed AFTER the actions)
// Display messaging settings:
// Display body bottom, debug info and close </html>:
Example #2
        // We're displaying a list of posts:
        $AdminUI->title_titlearea = T_('Browse blog');
        // Generate available blogs list:
        $AdminUI->set_coll_list_params('blog_ismember', 'view', array('ctrl' => 'items', 'tab' => $tab, 'filter' => 'restore'));
         * Add sub menu entries:
         * We do this here instead of _header because we need to include all filter params into regenerate_url()
if (!empty($tab)) {
    if (in_array($tab, array('expert', 'full', 'list', 'pages', 'intros', 'podcasts', 'links', 'ads'))) {
        // Init JS to autcomplete the user logins
// Load the date picker style for _item_simple.form.php and _item_expert.form.php
// Load the appropriate blog navigation styles (including calendar, comment forms...):
require_css($rsc_url . 'css/blog_base.css');
// Default styles for the blog navigation
// Load jquery ui css for tag autocomplete
require_css($rsc_url . 'css/jquery/smoothness/jquery-ui.css');
// auto requires jQuery
// Load the appropriate ITEM/POST styles depending on the blog's skin:
// It's possible that we have no Blog on the restricted admin interface, when current User doesn't have permission to any blog
if (!empty($Blog)) {