Ejemplo n.º 1
 * Variables that are used by reference are allowed to not be read.
function test2()
    $list =& some_other_function();
    $list = array();
Ejemplo n.º 2
        echo "{$i}) {$something}\n";
    echo "Done with function...\n-----\n";
function some_other_function()
    echo "This is some other function, to ensure more than just one function works fine...\n";
echo "After function declaration...\n";
echo "Calling function for the first time...\n";
print_something_multiple_times("This works!", 10);
echo "Returned from function call...\n";
echo "Calling the function for the second time...\n";
print_something_multiple_times("This like, really works and stuff...", 3);
echo "Returned from function call...\n";
Before function declaration...
After function declaration...
Calling function for the first time...
In function, printing the string "This works!" 10 times
0) This works!
1) This works!
2) This works!
3) This works!
4) This works!
5) This works!
6) This works!
7) This works!